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We are Infection Prevention Specialists with locations in Ohio and Florida. Aseptic Plus+ is a non-toxic hospital-grade disinfectant and your solution to fragrance-free sanitizing, deodorizing and cleaning. Aseptic Plus+™ is EPA-registered and NSF-certified. It kills 99.999% of bacteria in only 10 minutes, eliminates mold and mildew spores and is allergen free. Using Aseptic Plus with electrostatic technology makes disinfecting highly effective, efficient and economical.

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HVAC Businesses



Aseptic Plus+ is used for HVAC filtration and air duct cleaning. Deodorizes, sanitizes and as an antimicrobial, it eliminates allergens, kills mold spores (up to 7 months), mildew and fungi. Simply fog, spray or wipe and walk away. Leaves no residue. Non-irritating. Non-corrosive. Fragrance free. Use according to specifications to assure customers that their system is Clinically Clean™ and their environment is healthy.

Veterinary Field

Cleans, Kills, Controls

Cleans, Kills, Controls....Parvo,* Distemper,* Bordetella,* Ringworm,* and MRSA. Eliminates odor, is an ecologically safe alternative to noxious chemicals and produces no harmful byproducts. Highly effective at eliminating pet urine and fecal odors as well as skunk, smoke, trash and more. Aseptic Plus+ contains no masking agents or fragrances and leaves your facility smelling clean and fresh. Sanitizes bedding, food and water bowls with no rinse required. 

*GLP Certified Lab Tests; EPA Registration pending


Clean Environment


Aseptic Plus+ is an EPA registered hospital-grade sanitizer and disinfectant spray. It is imperative for healthcare facilities to provide a clean environment for their patients. Our products are proven effective against MRSA, Norovirus, Legionella pneumophila, E. coli and the H1N1 virus in testing conducted by certified independent laboratories under GLP conditions submitted to the USEPA. Aseptic Plus+ is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial solution that performs against a wide variety of bacteria, yeasts, viruses, mildew, fungi, and other microbes. Deliver locally in Westerville, New Albany and Gahanna.

Carpet and Fabric Cleaner

Carpet and Fabric Cleaner

Let us show you how to effectively disinfect, sanitize and deodorize carpets, drapes and upholstery. Aseptic Plus+ is the only sanitizer that has earned the Carpet and Rug Institute seal of approval. Kills odor-causing bacteria on contact by eliminating the source. Great for upholstery, curtains and auto interiors.

*University of Tulsa study, 2005-2006

Real Estate


Aseptic Plus+ comes to the rescue by eliminating odor-causing bacteria on contact by removing the source.  Destroys pet odors and stains; food and tobacco odors; along with killing mold and mildew spores and odors.  Contains no masking agents or fragrances and is highly effective.  Add value to your listings by making every home you list Aseptic Certified.

Mold Removal/Restaurants

Mold Removal Restaurants Industrial Cleaning

 Removing mold and bacteria can involve strong chemicals that may trigger health problems. Now there’s an ecologically sound alternative. Aseptic Plus+ is ready to use, no mixing required, just spray, wipe, or fog and walk away. Leaves no residue. Non-irritating, non-corrosive, non-toxic. Aseptic Plus+ food contact surface sanitizer is NSF certified (no rinse required) and kills 99.999% of bacteria in less than 60 seconds.


Aseptic Plus+ products can be purchased through an authorized distributor in your area. For additional information about our products visit Aseptic Health's  website by clicking on the tab below. Aseptic Plus+ can be purchased in various sizes and we have several choices in electrostatic sprayers and foggers. To place an order please contact PurEver Clean by phone or email. Ask about our residential and commercial spray services. We also have special pricing for commercial bulk orders. 

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